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Humpus® - COMING SOON...

Small but powerful and it does what it’s supposed to do, it gets you off!

The Humpus® sex machine is ultra compact and can be worn around your waist. A hands-free thrill like it is someone else masturbating you… And when we say it’s hands-free we mean “no hands” something claimed by others but not entirely true. Humpus® allows you to focus on the experience rather than the function which results in mind-blowing orgasms.

A supersoft flesh like TPE stroker for the guys and a powerful multi vibration mode vibrator for the girls. Once the attachment is in place press the start button and the Humpus® will stroke up & down for the guys or in & out for the girls. This incredibly smart, well designed, robust and adaptable little machine is amazingly satisfying to say the least.

One Humpus® machine fits all with it’s quick change attachment options from a male stroker to a female vibrator or dildo making the Humpus® very versatile indeed.

Imagine the fun you could have when used together with a partner? Whilst Humpus® is doing it’s thing for one of you at one end, the other person could be doing other things to other parts.

If you or you partner has ever fantasized of having a threesome but allowing a third person in on your relationship is out of the question then the Humpus® could be the perfect answer.

As Humpus® is truly hands-free it enables you to have uninterrupted pleasure whilst on live chat with webcam models or viewing pornography, in other words the pleasure doesn’t stop in order to type a message or change a setting.

Versatile, uni-sex and very compact with a speed range from slow and tantalizing to a full on thrust or anywhere inbetween, the choice is yours.

Males, Females, Straight or Gay. Humpus® will blow you away!

Humpus® is potentially the BEST sex machine ever invented!!!

Let the fun begin!

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