for Him - the best male sex toy

Best Male Sex Toy The unique, ground-breaking design of the Humpus earns it a place as one of the best male sex toys available. If you’re in search of the ultimate masturbation experience then the Humpus is a truly innovative toy that will deliver on all fronts.

This toy might be best described as a compact sex machine. The machine utilises a super-soft silicone attachment ring to fit most girth sizes comfortably from 35mm/1.5" - 50mm/2" diameter. Once you have attached the ring to the Humpus, add lube and place the ring over the penis. As you hold onto the Humpus, the ring will slowly stroke the penis up and down, mimicking natural hand and wrist movement. Add some more lube and you will feel as if your penis is being teased and stimulated by human lips! Attaching the Humpus to your body using the belt, which comes included with the Humpus, can intensify this fantastic blowjob sensation. This offers you the opportunity to lie back and enjoy hands-free masturbation! Removing the inbuilt remote control you can easily control the speed of the strokes. Enjoy a gentle stimulation from 80 strokes per minute or increase the pleasure for an intense masturbation at a maximum rate of 180 strokes per minute. This hands-free stimulation builds to an explosive climax – a truly mind-blowing orgasm!

So whether you’re looking for great straight or gay sex toys, or a toy to spice up your relationship, try the Humpus – you won’t be disappointed! Why not check out our videos to see the Humpus in action?!

for Her – A Unique Hands-Free Sex Toy

Best Female Sex ToyThere is a huge array of sex toys for women available on the Internet, so what is it that makes the Humpus so special? Well unlike most hands-free sex machines, the Humpus is compact, attractive and affordable. However, the most important thing about a sex-toy is that it delivers an amazing experience, culminating in orgasm after orgasm. This is the Humpus’s speciality! Attaching the latex and phthalate free dildo to the Humpus, you can then strap the compact sex machine to your body using the belt. This leaves your hands free to relax or stimulate other areas of your body! Adjust the penetration depth to suit your mood, or even alter the dildo’s position so that it only stimulates your clitoris. You can then alter the speed of the Humpus’s smooth motion by using the remote control. This hands-free functionality allows you to lie back and truly immerse yourself in your deepest desires.

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Sex Machine

Size doesn't matter…as the HumpUs best male sex toy has a stroke adjuster button for female and male use. Men can adjust this for the perfect fit, i.e. number one setting is a short stroke length of approx 4.5 inches, increasing up to number six setting for the larger penis of approx 7.5 inches. Females can use the stroke adjuster to allow the thrust depth to be varied from just 1.5 inches up to 4 inches. Numbers one to six and anywhere in between is a very slight adjustment for the perfect stroke length or depth ensuring maximum pleasure is met every time for both sexes.

Wanking Manchine

The remote control has three buttons, a start and stop button, a press and hold button to speed up and a press and hold button to speed down (see Owners Guide).

The remote for the best male sex toy can be held by yourself or by a partner for that extra special surprise thrill!. If you intend to use the HumpUs without the belt and wish to hold it by hand, then the HumpUs has a compartment for the remote control to be fixed were it can still be used.