RRP: £199

HUMPUS® with Female Attachment

Package includes:

  • Humpus machine
  • Female attachment/vibrator
  • 110-240 volt charger
  • Adjustable Belt.


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Euro Shipping = €22
USA shipping = $22

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Best Female Sex Toy

The Humpus is probably the best female hands-free masturbator ever invented. Why? because it is the closest thing to that of your natural hand and wrist movement when using a dildo or similar stimulation device.Similarly to the male function, the unique arcuate (arc-u-ate) motion of The Humpus together with a slightly faster inward stroke and with a speed control it makes it feel very realistic as if it was someone other than yourself is masturbating you. The Humpus sits comfortably on your lower tummy and as The Humpus automatically thrusts a dildo or vibrator for your pleasure it creates the feeling of having real sexual intercourse. The use of a vibrator with the Humpus gives that extra special sensation as you can pause the thrusting at any time and enjoy the vibrations., and when you are ready for penetration again, simply press the start button. Start and stop The Humpus whenever you like, the female attachment (the dildo or vibrator holder) allows you to set the depth of penetration from shallow to deep or to just stimulate your clitoris or the part of your vagina that is most sensitive for you – after all you are unique and special and deserve the best sensations.The adjustable straps with the Velcro clips, supplied as standard with The Humpus, allows you to position The Humpus exactly where you want it, also the female attachment allows you to use various and different stimulators, maybe your favourite one?One of our Humpus testers said:”The Humpus is a fantastic pleasure giver and is convenient to use, whenever and wherever I wanted. I found The Humpus very adaptive to my personal likes, it was almost like having a parent that knows exactly what you want. The Humpus is a great addition to my pleasure collection and I look forward to seeing what new attachments will become available!”Some women can be demanding, and rightly so, but we are sure The Humpus will meet and satisfy your demands.