RRP: £199

HUMPUS® with Male Attachment

Package includes:

  • Humpus machine
  • Male attachment/sleeve
  • 110-240 volt charger
  • Adjustable Belt.


UK Shipping = £16
Euro Shipping = €22
USA shipping = $22

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Best Male Sex Toy

The Humpus hands-free male masturbation device is probably the best male sex toy or sexual aid ever invented. Why? because it is the closest thing to that of the natural hand and wrist movement.The unique arcuate (arc-u-ate) motion of the Humpus, together with a slightly faster downstroke, makes it feel very realistic as if it was someone other than yourself masturbating you. For those of you who have never experienced being masturbated from someone else, those who have had that pleasure will tell you that, hands-free masturbation is very special as it allows you to focus on the fun and fantasy rather than the function.One of our Humpus testers said “it does that thing of stretching that feeling of the orgasm coming to where it just aches blissfully, tingles and then you come so hard. I think the Humpus is just the most incredible thing ever. Hands-free masturbation that works and isn’t uncomfortable in the slightest. How the hell is this not the biggest thing since the Fleshlight?”We think the Humpus deserves its place as one of the very best male sex toys that provides hands-free masturbation. We are all slightly different in build and design and we know you will be amazed at just how good the Humpus really is with the flexibility to position it just how it suits you and how it delivers the best pleasure and the ultimate orgasm for you. It’s time to experience The Humpus and the pleasure of hands-free masturbation, without the cramps, without the aches and at the speed and position that suits you.