I love my Humpus and my Humpus loves me. I lie back and cuddle my pillow whilst Humpus humps, I let my imagination run as to which celebrity is humping as it feels like real sex. Love it thank you.

Mrs. JT from Florida.

Myself and my husband just wanted to let you know that we have had great fun with the Humpus. I just love watching the Humpus do it`s thing to my husband whilst his hands (and other parts) do there magic on me. We would definitely recommend the Humpus as a clever and ingenious little sex machine for everyone, as the slogan says "Single or together - always a pleasure!

Mr & Mrs. G from USA.

I looked at other machines for men but none of them can do what Humpus does, strokes up and down without using your hands to hold anything. I put my porn on and start the Humpus going but I cant last long because it feels like a real BJ (Blow Job) lol! P.s. this is also good for using when on live webcam sites.

Mr. DA from UK.

Amazing little masturbator, so quiet and a real pleasure to use. I will be recommending the Humpus.

Mr. JP from France.

Hat`s off to you Humpus company, this is a great toy but I thought the belt was a bit stiff but is looser now it was probably because it was new. I couldn`t get the belt comfortable at first but put it under my bum and then it was much better. When is the new vibrator lady part for sale I think I would like that and will get one, its a good idea. I will tell everyone about this.

Miss. NS. Netherlands.

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Found this thread/post on the Fleshlight forums website titled "Humpus - my detailed experience" by Kenman2626. Although it is a long reveiw it is well worth the read. Thank you Kenman2626.

Humpus - My detailed experience. By Kenman2626.

I remember the first amazing moment that I slid into a fleshlight several years ago (although unknown to me it was going to get better) it felt good to finally have some kind of toy that really enhanced masturbation for me. I've tried and enjoyed various new textures but nothing has ever really been drastically different.

I've just tried out the Humpus a couple of times and am so blown away that I finally joined this forum that I've been following for a several years to share something special. Because I am so dumb founded as to why this device hasn't got any attention. All I can find are a couple of youtube reviews and just a vague mention of it here and there. No homemade videos. Then there seems to be only 1 thread on it here by a guy trying to enhance it by swapping the flesh ring that comes with the Humpus with a sliced off piece of Fleshlight. Got to admire the creativity here.

So anyway, let meexplain my experience.

Firstly it said in the manual it would take 12 hours to recharge initially but I got it to work within 10mins of charging. I think the 12 hour thing is if the toy has been away from the 'factory' for months but I got it shipped to Canada from the UK (unfortunately the only place you can order it from) and it only took about 7-10 days. Lots of expensive shipping and taxes etc but as you'll discover I believe it was totally worth it from my experience so far.

The real genius of this toy is the belt. It's really simple to use and by using it you can strap it around you tightly with velcro. This means that at long last I have a toy which gives me hands free pleasure that requires no work from me at all. I lubed myself up, not an insane amount (about the same amount as a fleshlight) and proceeded to lie down on my back. I easily fit into the flesh ring and it adjusted to my girth and provided a nice hug. I set the stroke length to 1 and turned it on.

It was stroking the base of my cock nice and hard. I wanted a deeper stroke and by changing the stroke length to 6 (full) and adjusting the strap so the device was closer up my body I was in heaven. There is something incredible about no hands stimulation and not being in control. The way it goes up and down is great too, it doesn't go up and down at the same speed. When it goes down it's with a bit more of a punch which somehow makes it feel more natural. I lasted about 10 minutes and never REALLY needed to put extra lube on (during use) but I did anyway just to see what it was like. Didn't make a great difference.It felt comfortable throughout the session. There was even a moment when adjusting it that the ring escaped my head and went back on and off completely again and again and for 30 seconds that was a pleasant variation but preferred the hugging. Point is even if you escape the ring and it starts bashing your head it's not painful. This ONLY happened during adjustment, if you're strapped in properly it will stay on you perfectly through to cumming (and beyond).

I came so hard, it does that thing of stretching that feeling of orgasm coming where it just aches blissfully, tingles and then you come so hard. I shot all over my upper stomach and the Humpus kept stroking. I love being stroke dafter ejaculation and it never got painful from being over sensitive for me personally. You have remote so it's easy to turn off if it was causing any discomfort.

Ok, let's get the bad part out of the way. The noise. I've seen videos of other automated devices like autoblow and they sound stupidly loud. The humpus isn't that bad but to be honest even on slowest setting if you live with others it's going to be noticeable. If you live on your own then at the lowest speeds it's not going to be heard by neighbours even without any music. If you play music I think you could get away at the fastest speeds. I'm a bit paranoid about noises and worry that at the fastest speeds people would still notice but I tell myself that it sounds like a cycling machine. It could quite easily be that. I'm not comfortable using it after 11pm but I'm really really cautious about my noise pollution and I'm the same with the volume of my television late at night.

So a couple of hours Itried it again. Now if you've seen the video demos on the official website what I did above is about the limits of this device. Well I explored it further and my god, it gets so much better.

So my first thought wasto try this whilst sat on my computer chair surfing porn. It strapped perfectly even whilst sitting down and was not uncomfortable in the least. It soon felt like I was being stroked whilst I sat back and continued to surf porn. How incredible is that!? I've always dreamt of this and here we are! But I wanted to experiment more and turned it on fastest/deepest stroke and it was mindblowing. No this isn't anything like getting head by a partner because it's more or less doing the same thing again and again but I found even subtle movements or adjustments could really change the sensations. You find the same thing with a Fleshlight, turning it at different angles can create new sensations. Same here. You can totally adjust in such away that it massages key areas of your head, at one point I was able to make it feel like I was getting little licks under the front rim of my shaft. Little adjusting and it's back to full strokes. I can see this being a learning experience to understand exactly how to get what you want out of it.

One other neat thing I noticed with high speed stroking that whilst seating the ring would go down and the device would go up and then the device would go down and the ring up. In a way the device felt like a head bopping up and down, it helped make it feel more intense. That wasn't enough, I kept getting more curious. So I tried standing up. Yes, it felt like someone was on their knees giving me (somewhat robotic) head! So good. The finale however was discovering that one of my favorite sex acts is possible with this device. When I've had partners I love to be on all fours whilst getting stroked from behind. You can totally get on all fours and the device will stay there and stroke you off! I put it to fastest speed and just didn't care about the noise anymore and shot a huge load within 3 minutes. Such an intense orgasm!

I'm really exciteda bout using this again in the future. I'm sure there are other ways to expand it's possibilities. I'm curious to try it with a prostate massager and I'm actually curious if it would be possible to use the 'dildo' extension by attaching it in a certain way where it's able to pound my ass whilst I stroke myself with a fleshlight. That could be interesting! Maybe if you attached it to your lower back bone?

So the downers for me are just the noise even though it's not too crazy compared to other similar devices. I swear, this would be the most AMMMMAAAAAZZZINGdevice ever if it was silent and had a slower stroke setting. The slowest is still pretty fast in my opinion. I wish it had a visual indication of what speed it's on. It would also be cool if there were more extensions that the one it comes with. Not that it's not great as it is, it does the job very well but am curious how a longer sleeve would be. Not quite ready to destroy a fleshlight yet to find out.

Of course there are long term issues that I may not be aware of here like recharging and durability of the extensions/straps etc. Thankfully you can buy extra straps, remotes, extensions should those break. My device charged fully (green light) in just under 2 hours. In the instructions it says that from now on it should take 1 hour to recharge. I'm curious how long it lasts now until it needs to do that.

Apart from that I think this is just the most incredible thing ever. Hands free masturbation that works and isn't uncomfortable in the slightest. How the HELL is this not the biggest thing since the Fleshlight? I think it may be because it's just a small UK based company that have created this. I really hope it takes off and variations/improvements are made. But for some reason nobody appears to be buying or talking about this amazing secret.



Our reply; We know our website presence is not huge but we are working on it. Humpus sales are doing very well and have on occasions it has compleatly sold out due to unexpected surge`s in sales. We now manufacture double the amount of Humpus than we did 6 months ago.

Thank you again Kenman2626 and happy humping!