HumpUs being enjoyed!

Thank's to a couple of professional adult performers this video shows the HumpUs being used by him & her, solo & together.

Firstly Paul is alone and whilst watching the local weather report given by a beautiful weather girl he becomes aroused, his sexual imagination gets the better of him and so decides to have a little "me time" with the HumpUs.
As Paul is enjoying his "me time" un-be-known to him his girlfriend Chloe arrives home to see the immense pleasure he is having, instantly Chloe is also aroused and wants to join the fun. See what happens next as Chloe quietly removes her clothes to surprise and join Paul for some couple's fun together.
Will the table's be turned when Chloe is home alone and decides to have her own "me time"? Watch and see!

Animation Demo Video

Introducing Jack & Penny our wonderful and playful fictional characters providing us with an informative look at how the Humpus can be used.

For those that have fantasized of having a threesome or if you need your hands for other things then Humpus could be the perfect answer.

Use "your" imagination and this amazing little sex machine will provide hours of fun and enjoyment either by yourself or with your partner.

Product parts demo from 00.00 - 01.25

Jack & Penny demo from 01.25 - 03.46